About Us

I'm Percy. I'm a non-binary, autistic, artist and cosplayer. I've been tabling at cons and events since 2013 and recently stopped due to worldly events. I have a passion to create and bringing joy to others. My fiancé and I currently live in Austin Texas with our two beautiful cats. Our wedding was postponed due to those same worldly events, but we are pushing through together. I hope you enjoy what I create and I hope we can all see each other again soon. 


I'm Kevin, the fiance! I have recently hopped on board as another artist for the shirts, and am so excited to feature my own designs. It has been so amazing getting to create right along side my wonderful love, and I cant wait to see where we can take it. I am currently writing a young adult novel, reading way too much queer dramas, and creating cosplays when we have the energy to do so!